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Revolving office working chairs, comfortable seating option, full support to spine back, adjustable arms and adjustable hight , push back option also available in this model, colour optional,
6 seater Reclinear sofa, 5 seater are in Reclinear facility, fabric Reclinear, available in 2 more colour options, more than 1000 of models.comfortable seating systems, only available at the MAARK Trendz
4/2 office executive table, double colour combination, heavy top optional pedestal and credestal ., same combination low storage unit also available selling product in office solution
Traditional model sofa, with jute material elegant design , teak wood sofa, trendy finishing , biggest sofa manufacturer-the MAARK Trendz, emi option available,
Teak wood trend sofa 7 seater with centre table, teak wood finishing, with comfortable Cusion , emi option available, 0% interest easy instalment available